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Automated Smart Home Installations – JSC Electrics now covering Newcastle, Leeds, Harrogate and York.

As a Teesside based company we are pleased to announce our automated smart home installations now extend to areas in and around Newcastle, Leeds, Harrogate and York. If you have a new build or renovation project within any of these areas we welcome your calls or emails. We can offer advice supported by quotations on what the latest automated smart home systems can do for you and how this technology can provide you with a truly modern living experience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Date posted: May 16th, 2011

    Building a house – Consider home automation. From the days of gas lanterns we moved on to the introduction of electricity into the home, how amazing this was to be able to turn on a switch and suddenly the room was illuminated by the wonderful invention of an electric light bulb.

    Now fast forward just a few decades and what do we have available, HOME AUTOMATION. Some may have you believe home automation is having the power to switch off your entire home lighting by the touch of one button as you leave your property, but its much much more than that. As

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